# 13 T REX

              T REX



Looking through my window
I saw a 'foot' go past !
So I stuck my head out further
That's when I was Aghast !!!

My eyes went wandering upwards
Looking up into the trees
Then suddenly I realized
I was looking at some knees!

I quickly bounded up the stairs
To get a better look
And as I was so doing
The ground beneath me shook,

The house around me trembled
Plates, cups began to fall,
Whatever was outside the door
Was very very tall !!!

I HAD to get another look
From upstairs would be best,
It was not till then I realized
I was staring at a chest !!!

So higher still I had to go
To get a better look
I legged it up the attic stairs
Which opened to the roof,

I opened up the skylight 
To take a quick sharp peak
Was HORRIFIED to find me staring at 6" SERRATED TEETH !!!!!



Each tooth was sloping backwards
Into a Casm of a mouth
Like rows of sharpened kitchen knives
To carve it's evening joint !!!

The stench was overwhelming as he bellowed out a ROOOAAARRR !!!!!
The force was OVERPOWERING
As it shook the ground once more !!!

His beady eyes were searching round
And seemed to fix on ME !!!
A tiny object staring back
I decided to appease !

So smiling thru a contorted grin😬
Thinking diplomacy was best
I reached far out to shake it's hand
But it was too close to his chest !!!

My mind raced back to what I knew
Did he hunt or scavange food ?
I didn't want the former, NO!
no matter oh how true !

The arguments for both being so
Could go on & on & on
But I didn't want to hang around
And prove which one was wrong !

I raced down to the kitchen
And emptied all the drawers
Took EVERY single edible thing
And FLUNG them out the door !


Then whilst he was distracted
I legged it far away
I didn't want to stay and wait
Incase he wanted PREY 😱

It still remains a mystery
As he never did come back
Maybe didn't like my carrots & peas
Maybe 'MEAT' is what he lacked !

Or maybe I was dreaming
And none of it was real
But explain to me the footprints
And the snapping of the trees.

I could convince myself that he was cute
And would make a perfect pet
But to stretch the mind so very far
I think that it would snap!

Despite all this he's my number 1
Along with Raptor too
I never never could decide
Which should be number 1 and 2

BOTH are GREAT in unique ways
You really can't compare
Their features, movements,
I could stare and stare and stare!
I'd really like to inch up close
But don't think I would dare!

Hope they both come visit one day
I'd make them feel at home
I'd stay behind my padlocked door
And throw them both a bone. πŸ–πŸ—

Pssst ... Remember to check your mirror!

Watch your side mirror!